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Office for Formation and Mission

The Office of Formation and Mission (OFM) of Notre Dame University as a support unit provides spiritual, interfaith dialogue and value formation and development programs for all the members of the University community.  


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Office of the Community Development

The general objective of the Office of Community Development is to facilitate community empowerment for the integral human development.


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Formation and Mission

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Formation and Mission

The Office of the Vice President Administrative and Extension was established in S.Y. 2014-2017. The VPAE exists to promote awareness of Notre Dame University mission as a Catholic Oblates of Mary Immaculate educational institutional, in every aspect of University Life.

The VPAE oversees the University ministry on formation, peace, community development and external relations and ensures ongoing collaboration with all the university offices in order to support their efforts towards integration and realization of the University mission and core values. 



  • Inducts new members of the Notre Dame University Community – students, faculty members, non-teaching personnel to the culture, values and mission of the university.

  • Supports faculty, non-teaching personnel, administrators, students, alumni, retirees and trustees in their professional and personal discovery of the Notre Dame University mission, faith and intellectual life, Oblate basic and higher education and De Mazenod spirituality and charism.

  • Supports every member of the community in pursuing his or her own spiritual journey and integrating common work with underlying purpose and values that animate the university 

  • Offers individual and group opportunities for reflection, and discussion on the Ministry of Teaching and Service integration of mission with one’s daily life; provides opportunities for NDU community members to grow in their understanding of what forms the Oblate Charism

  • Provides mission-related resources, both human and material, on formation, instruction, research, extension, administration, student and other support services, and issues on peace, justice, interfaith dialogue.

  • Advances and actively works for the promotion and maintenance of peace, interfaith dialogue and active witnessing to the Oblate Charism

  • Works to facilitate community empowerment for total human development especially among the poor

  • Promotes with others the creation of a learning community rooted in the University’s core values of faith, integrity, respect, excellence and service 

  • Ensures continued commitment to respect the dignity of persons within the university and without, the integrity of creation, justice and peace

  • Facilitates conversation on catholic life and Oblate Ministry of Teaching Service through seminars, workshops and programs




  • Orientation. The sector co-sponsors the University orientation. We welcome new students, faculty and staff to pass on the story of who we are. First year students are invited to overnight programs, while faculty and staff take part in an orientation workshop on becoming co-disciples of the Oblates, in the Ministry of Teaching and Service. Throughout the year, many programs and resources are available to learn more about NDU’s mission. 

  • Education/Instruction. A wide array of education programs on Notre Dame education, Oblate charism and spirituality and related topics are available through the Identity and Mission sector. It also co-sponsors such programs as NDU vision-mission seminar and the series of leading supervising, managing or Hiring for Mission.
  • Formation/Retreats. Notre Dame University offers all faculty members, non-teaching personnel, students, administrators opportunities for spiritual growth. It serves the faith of Roman Catholic community, including provisions for the devotional and sacramental life of the University, giving special attention to the celebration of the Eucharist.

    • Secure in our Catholic identity, NDU welcomes people of all faiths, promotion interfaith dialogue, encouraging each person to celebrate their personal faith and to respect and to learn from other people of faith within the university. NDU has a strong program for spiritual development for Non-Catholic and Muslim students, faculty and non-teaching personnel.

  • Community Involvement and Service and Outreach. These are programs aimed at empowering the community through the efforts of students and faculty of NDU. Under this program is the University Extension Program. The services to be provided by the faculty and students will differ based on their area of expertise and the needs of the community to be serviced. In addition, the Small Business Institute, which offers micro-financing and entrepreneurship programs and community-based trainings fall under this program. However, these programs will have to be funded, either directly by contracting organizations or in partnership with funding agencies. 


These are programs identified by cooperatives, agencies and other organizations as necessary for their businesses, advocacy or activities. The programs will thus be developed to meet their specific needs, especially since they will be the one to fund the program. The participants will be identified by the sponsoring agencies or will come from applicants who meet their criteria. 

Since most of the organizations are for community service, the objectives of the sponsored programs will most likely be for education, skills training, self-sufficiency, and employment for the participants. 

  • Peace Education, Advocacy and Praxis. These are programs which aim to contribute to the study and practice of peace and non-violence towards social transformation through teaching, research, publications, advocacy, networking, collaboration and outreach activities.  

  • Technical-Vocational Education and Training. These are programs which are offered to equip trainees of technical skills for education and employment. Courses offered are NC I, NC II, and or community-based training as certified by TESDA. These trainings utilize the E-Skills Learning. The program is open to high school graduates and undergraduates, out-of-school youth, practitioners and professionals who are interested to learn new skills or upgrade their skills. 

Hiring Mission for Policy

  • Notre Dame University affirms its commitment to abide by regulations and laws pertaining to equal opportunity employment. Recruitment, employment, promotion, demotion, transfer, compensation, training and development, termination and other personnel decisions will be made to achieve a balanced work force.

  • While Notre Dame University does not discriminate in any manner contrary to law or justice in its educational program or activities, including employment and admission practices, it upholds the right and duty to seek and retain personnel who will make a positive contribution to its religious character, goals and mission. 

  • As Notre Dame University is a religious educational institution with Oblate orientation, character, sponsorship and support, it reserves the right to maintain its heritage and destiny as a Christian and Catholic witness in basic and higher education. 

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