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In this digitally enhanced world and time, a degree in computer studies opens up a wide range of career, employment opportunities for graduates of computer science, information systems and information technology.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

If you are interested in knowing the ‘why’ behind computer programs, inventing new ways to manipulate and transfer information, solving complex problems and working in fast-paced technical field, you should consider studying Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

While studying Computer Science, you will learn how to use computers to make the world work as it does. You will learn how to make a computer behave how you want it to behave. You will be taught techniques for solving problems by writing programs. As a professional equipped with skills, you have a wide range of job opportunities from management to consulting, from programming to information systems administration.

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Studying Information Systems will equip you to develop creative and innovative solutions to problems in government, businesses and non-profit organizations. You will learn how to work in creative teams to develop cutting-edge products and solutions that might save lives, improve the environment or our standard of living and keep us connected. You may choose to concentrate on the analysis of systems, the design of systems, or the use of information systems in organizations.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Graduates of the Information Technology program have the knowledge and skills that help take care of, secure, upgrade, and maintain the organizations’ systems. They also provide support to responding to problems related to computer software and selecting hardware and software products. Since employment in information technology is growing faster, you may be interested in studying IT. As a student, you will be taught how to plan for and manage the computer technology needs of organizations. 



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