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The College of Business and Accountancy responds to the increasingly complex and globally interconnected world. The college provides programs with a strong balance between the liberal arts, business courses, and practical work experiences outside of class.

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

When you are a graduate of Accountancy, you can set career towards management in any private, public, and government organizations. Your career as an accountant will give you choices and opportunities locally but also globally.  As an accountant, you will have excellent career opportunities. 

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology

On the other hand, if you’re a graduate of Accounting Technology, you have learned the complete accounting cycle for service, merchandising, and manufacturing businesses. To make use of technology, you have been taught to use computers to maintain and reconcile various financial records, verify business records, and process financial data for decision making.

Looking for work will not be difficult since you are qualified to be a general accounting clerk, microcomputer accounting clerk, accounts receivable/payable clerk, payroll clerk, cost accounting clerk and junior accounting technician. 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management

Given our financial and economic realities, we just can’t sit back and leave money management to chance. We can have a financially healthy life if we sensibly manage our money. With Financial Management, you can improve your ability to make right decisions. You will learn how to handle money vis-à-vis maximize assets. You’ll be equipped with the business knowledge and skills needed in today’s global economy.  

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management

You are creative. You are charismatic. You are interested in finding out what people like and dislike. You are able to communicate yourself well.  You have qualities of a marketer. However, studying Marketing Management can make you an excellent one. You will learn the role and importance of market research and analysis as well as understanding consumer behavior. You will gain knowledge about marketing strategy and industrial marketing. Later, you can work in export marketing, product development or even become a marketing strategist.

Bachelor of Science in  Entrepreneurship

If you are someone who thinks that you can do something better and actually do it, you can be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can help improve the lives of others.  Entrepreneurs help the economy grow. Studying entrepreneurship will give you a very rewarding experience, offer you many opportunities. You will learn the necessary perspectives and skills in planning for, putting up, managing and fostering innovations in a business.  You will also be able to test your business plan and later launch it as your business venture. 



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